Version 1.4: Improved Image Support

Version 1.4 of FoxyShop is out in the wild. Here’s a run-down of the new features and fixes:

New Feature: Improved Product Image Support with Dedicated Bar
The biggest new feature is that there’s now a dedicated image bar on the product page. Let’s face it, the default WordPress image management utility is clunky and takes a long time to load. This new image bar will let you load your images a lot faster. You can also set featured images, rename images, and even rearrange the order just by dragging.

The yellow box indicates the featured image. Click a star on another image to switch featured images. Click X to delete the image. Click the middle icon to rename the image. After clicking the rename button, enter the new name and press enter. If you change your mind, press escape. To rearrange the images, just click and drag the image to its new location. There’s no need to Update your product after making changes: all changes are saved instantly through the magic of AJAX.

New Feature: Product Sitemap Creation
If you check this new option on the settings page, FoxyShop will automatically create a product sitemap which you can submit to Google or any other search engine. If you are using categories, category pages will also be added to your sitemap. WordPress 3.1 is recommended so you get those awesome hierarchical url’s. The sitemap is recreated when you save a product or click Save Settings on the settings page.

Calendar popups added for sale and subscription date selectors
When you click these date fields you can either select from the popup calendar or just enter your own date. Note that this is only enabled for WordPress version 3.1 and up because WP 3.0 was using an older version of the jQuery UI core which is incompatible with the newer datepicker scripts. Upgrade people!

Theme file jQuery updates for sub-category wrapping
Sub-categories weren’t always wrapping properly. This was fixed in the foxyshop-single-category.php file on line 65.

Template redirect adjustments for some (wonky) WP installs
As crazy as it sounds, WordPress query vars aren’t that consistent across different installs. There was another variation of query vars for the product and category homepages that are now working properly in the theme redirection file.

Added settings link to WP plugin page
Making it easy to get to the settings page after activation.

Added base name customization option to breadcrumbs function (Products)
If you want to make your breadcrumbs say “Our Amazing Products >> Product 1”, you can now do that. Knock yourself out!

Improved Post Thumbnail Setting Reliability
Sometimes the post thumbnails theme support was being set by the functions.php or another plugin and was keeping them from working. The switch has been moved to the ‘after_setup_theme’ hook and gets turned on more reliably now. Note that post thumbnails are being turned on for ALL post types.

Enjoy, and post here if you run into any troubles with the new features.

7 Responses to Version 1.4: Improved Image Support

  1. AgusBagus says:

    This is amazing, I love it.
    One thing make that can make it perfect, how can we exclude image in excerpt from being displayed? I tricked it by uploading it seperately at media panel, but it seems a liitle confusing for end user.

  2. David says:

    It’s quite easy to do. Copy the file themefiles/foxyshop-product-loop.php into your theme directory and you can easily change it in that file. Just comment out the file that shows the image.

  3. jordan says:

    i already have a lot of pictures uploaded to the “media” section of wordpress. they’re named, sized, and ready to be used… is it possible to access them for my product picture or do i need to re-upload them using the “add new image” button?


  4. David says:

    Hi Jordan, it’s pretty easy. You can just click the “Attach” link to attach the media to a product. (The FoxyShop image bar is just a shortcut to the default WordPress image uploader.)

  5. jordan says:

    Hi David. The problem I have here is I’m using images across multiple pages. When going into the “Media” editor in WP, if the image is attached to a particular post, I’m not able to attach it to another page. (I’m only able to do it by selecting the “add media” button near the “copy” content section of wordpress. however, the way my site is coded, they will not default properly. only the images in “product images” section appear correct on the shopping cart page.)

    And in that “product images” section that you’ve screen capped above, if I click add new image, it requires me to add something from my computer, not the media section of wordpress.

    I can re-upload files, but if you think of something I’m doing wrong or if there is another solution, I’d love to hear it!


  6. David says:

    Hi Jordan, unfortunately, you will need to re-upload the image for each post. That’s how WordPress works, you can’t have an image attached to multiple posts.

  7. jordan says:

    you’re incredibly fast at answering questions!!!
    thanks very much for the help!